Sand Blasting Machine
sand blasting machineSand blasting machine uses compressed air to form a high-speed jet beam onto the workpiece surface. As the abrasive material impacts on the surface and the cutting action, it removes the impurities, noise and oxide layer on the workpiece surface to achieve the smoothness.

1. Machine bed is welded by Q235 medium plate.
2. The machine’s track uses two pieces of 45 straight tracks and double-stage reducer.
3. Rack drive.
4. Sand-blasting head can adjust the distance electrically.
5. Sand-blasting pressure: 7—7.5MPa
sand blasting machine
6. Load-bearing of automatic cantilever tailstock: ≤1.5T 
7. Double inverted-cone top.
8. Clamp automatically.
9. Frequency conversion adjusting speed.
10. Touch screen, PLC automatic control, encoder.
11. Automatic sand-entering.
12. Three sand tanks.
13. Exhauster system.
14. Dust removal system.
15. Automatic machine cover.
16. Sand-suction system.

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