Copper Polishing Machine
copper polishing machineHJ Copper Polisher is the new model that developed on the rich experiences of designers and modern electromechanical technique.To keep the precision and the stability of the polisher-head. Our company makes the guiding of the polisher-head forward and backward by beeline guide rail. The controlling parts of equipment are adopted operating module to make the operation more convenient. The equipments are dealt with complete seal of the whole to keep the working environment clean and comfortable. Then new full automatic numerical control model that developed by the rich experiences.

1. High efficiency: Operating module control with high integration level and CNC control make nearly all the operations in this heart.
2. Long life-span: Strengthening seal main machine bed to ensure the intensity of the whole equipment.
3. The rotate speed of cylinder and rubber wheel is adjustable.
4. The special vertical dusting structure makes the dusting affect better, its floor space smaller and your working environment cleaner.
5. The guide rail of the polisher-head is with dusting process to prevent dust from entering the inside of guide rail and effecting the precision.
6. The surface of the polished cylinders shining like mirror. 

Machine capability
Capacity of Cylinder Length: 300-3000(mm)
Capacity of Cylinder Diameter: 90-450(mm)
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