Laser Machine
laser engravingLaser machine is the core equipment in the production of embossing rollers. Hongjian has developed its own technology on the hardware and software of the laser machine. It is easy to upgrade. The laser machine engraving software is identical with the HJDD electronic engraving machine, easy to learn. The machine comes with a cell tester, easy to measure. It is featured by high efficiency and high precision. The tailstock movement is air-suspension drive, easy to move. The machine bed is strong and stable. The laser machine is used in engraving cylinders for cigarette packaging, security printing, fine lines and other cylinders with strict requirements. Our laser machine has distinct advantages over the other laser machines.

laser machineFEATURES:
   ●  High speed
   ●  High resolution
   ●  Long life laser generator
   ●  Imposition system is consistent with the electronic engraving
   ●  Any cell editing and compositing
   ●  Seamless engraving
   ●  256 shades grayscale engraving same as the electronic engraving resolution
   ●  Curve editing same as the electronic engraving
laser engraving machine   ●  All-cast high-precision bed, high-precision linear guide, ball screw steel rail
   ●  Simple and easy to maintain software and electrical system
   ●  Can engrave a variety of craft at once
   ●  Perfect edge engraving function
   ●  Full engraving data information after roller page conversion
   ●  The file can be zoomed
   ●  Fixed short test engraving
   ●  Re-engraving function
   ●  Different types of lines and levels of cells editing, cell angles editing
   ●  Line editing
   ●  High accuracy
   ●  Equipped with a cell tester
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