Grinding Machine
HJ Double Head Grinding Machine is improved on single head copper grinder. It is developed on the rich experiences of designers and numerical control. This machine is high efficiency and touch screen operation system,the efficiency is 4 times than single head copper grinder; and for the material selection, designers choose name brand machine parts from overseas,to guard the machine is working stability and using life.

1. High efficiency: compared with single head copper grinder, this machine just once load the cylinder, then the rough grinding and fine grinding can be finished. No need to replace the grinding stones and load/unload cylinder frequently.
2. PLC control system and touch screen operation system, much easier to operate.
3. Strengthened seal main stander ensures the intensity of the whole equipment and the stander against transmo-grification, which improves the resistance of shock.
4. The rotation speed of cylinder and the grinding stone, and the moving speed of tailstock are adjusted by frequency conversion. High working precision.
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