Cylinder Repairing Device
cylinder repairing machine  
  1) Please put the cylinder for repairing horizontally,and prevent its rotation,upward the defects repairing of cylinder;
  2) Use EtOH cleaning the oil pollution in defect of cylinder,To clear the underlying defects;
  3) V-type defects(sand hole,copper plating point etc.),should use Blunt Type tool shape it into U-Type,for fast,high quality Cylinder repairing;
  4) Use 1000# water proof sand paper coarsening internal defect and around the defect;
  5) If the cylinder repairing area is smaller, Can make hollow holes stick in the defect with insulating tape according to the defect area;
  6) Please put the automatic cylinder repairing device on cylinder, adjust the electrolytic tank height based on the dia.of cylinder, and make the cylinder defects completely within the scope of the electrolytic tank bottom hole leakage,make the electrolytic tank compress cylinder ensure no leakage.(pay attention:the bottom copper sheet in cylinder repairing must in touch with cylinder) ;    
  7) According to the cylinder repairing area can Select the appropriate plating voltage:

Voltage select






Repairing area

  8) According to defect depth estimate the repairing time(repairing speed is 5--10um/min), And adjust the time controller;
  9) Starting up,adjust mixer motor rotating speed rotary knob, plating liquid not spill is advisable during working time(rotation speed try to be quickly);
  10) Use straw inject 5-7ml plating liquid in electrolytic tank,The liquid level is lower than electrolysis pool edge 3-4mm is advisable(Pay attention: leak parts in bottom of electrolysis pool must not have bubbles);
  11) When finished repairing,please use straw suction plating liquid from micro electrolytic tank;
  12) Please move away the Auto.cylinder repairng device,mat Absorentpaer below the electrolytic tank, assimilate residual plating liquid in electrolytic tank;
  13) Artificial repairing.
  14) Attention:
  ①For long time not use the cylinder repairing device,please use clear water wash clean the residual plating liquid in minitype electrolytic tank,to prevent come into being Copper sulfate crystallization influence the conductivity of the anode;
  ②Mixing axis motor should be often lubrication,Increased The Using Life; 
  ③In the process of using ,should pay attention to the copper sheet in bottom of electrolytic tank and cylinder be good contact,otherwise cannot make cylinder repairing;
  ④Micro motor of stri head shoule be drowned in the bottom of electrolysis,with the standard rotating and not friction of electrolytic bottom;
  15) Common fault handling equipment ;

Fault phenomenon

Fault cause

Adjustment scheme

Cannot do cylinder repairing

1. insoluble anode of an electrolytic tank in bad contact with the Conductive screw or the copper sheet in bottom of electrolytic tankin bad contact with the cylinder;
2.Conductive circuit break;
3.Power system unit  transformer is damaged;

Conductive position often should use sandpaper to clean,to ensure Good electrical conductivity;
During work time if cylinder repairing machine internal power panel light not bright,means the power supply is damaged, should be replace;

Repairing point be burned

1.Micro motor can not turn Micro motor stirring head is too high;2.Mixing strength small;
3.Cylinder repairing overhigh voltage;
4.Micro motor rotation is slowly

Check the circuit ,or change it ;
Adjust the hight of stirring head;
Adjust the pressure regulating rotation, Selecting the appropriate voltage;
Adjust the rotation control knob, improve speed;

Bad Cylinder repairing point Binding force

1.Cylinder defects poor clean;
2.When start plating the current is too large;
3.Plating repairing thickness is too large;

Deeper defects inside should clean up earnest;
When plating, can open the power supply first, then into the plating Liquid;
according to the defect depth, estimate the plating time reasonable;

Cylinder repairing speed is slowly

1.Voltage is too low;
2.Poor performance of plating liquid;
3.copper sheet in electrolytic tank or copper row in bottom of electrolytic tank Conductive adverse ;

According to repairing plating point,choose the voltage resonable;
If Poor performance of plating liquid,please donot use it recycle,
should clean it  periodically;

  16) Accessory :
  aspirator (1pc),Liquid tank gasket (5pcs),Motor(2pcs),user instruction(1pc)

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