Dot Cell Checker
dot cell checker
The instrument is the integration of digital imaging technology, optical microscope, micro structure measurement technology and other functions in one portable intelligent test equipment. Mainly used in quality control of gravure cylinder, ceramic and metal anilox roller, screen printing plate, coating plate and etc. It can do width and depth measurement, analysis processing, storage and output of cell and pattern on chemical etching, mechanical engraving, laser engraving graphic rollers. 
It is a simple measurement interface. Through the touch screen and remote control operation, can directly measure cell depth and engrave angle etc. The built-in SD card memory, can shooting and saving the test results and image in one click, provide analysis and keep in the archives for further use. The XYZ direction moving brackets can conveniently move micro lens to reach different test regions without adjusting the instrument base again.
• Accurate measurement of cylinder engraving pattern size, angle, area
• The integration design, without connecting with external computer and the power
• Shooting and storage the built-in memory, convenient for data analysis
• Built-in rechargeable battery, small volume, convenient to carry and use on site
• Touch screen remote control operation, a variety of display mode, convenient for different object observation
• Built-in a variety of measurement tools: straight line, angle, area, parallel line measurement 

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