Engraving Stylus
engraving stylus
  Product Description:
  The engraving styli for HELL, MDC and Ohio engraving machines are not only produced on sophisticated polishing benches, but during polishing, monitored by interference microscopy in order to secure the surface finish. The angles of each individual stylus are measured with an in-house developed 3D laser measuring device. Strict quality control ensures that our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the required specifications.

        • Made from superior quality industrial diamond
        • Use to engraving machines like Hell, MDC, Ohio, etc
        • New styli in all angles
        Engraving Angles:
  110°, 115°, 120°, 125°, 130°, 135°, 140°
  • Hell engraving machine like K303. K304, K405, K5, K50, K500.
  • Daetwyler engraving machine like 11, 12, 21c, 21ck and new generation 1315, 2215, 3625
  • Ohio engraving machine like 720, 820

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