Company Profile
  Yuncheng Hongjian Technology Development Company Limited is a professional manufacturer specialized in rotogravure cylinder making machines, located in Economic Development Zone, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. Our company is engaged in the R&D, manufacture, sales, and after-sale service of gravure cylinder making equipment. Now 45% of our employees have college degrees and 32% are engineering and technical staffs. We have built a high quality and outstanding team. We have gained a number of technology patents since the company was founded.

  We mainly produce automatic electroplating production line (nickel plating machine, copper plating machine, chrome plating machine, degreasing machine, dechroming machine and washing machine), grinding machine, copper polishing machine, engraving machine, chrome polishing machine, etching machine, automated machine, proofing machine, and other related accessories. All products can be customized according to customer's actual demand.

  With the people-oriented product development and the modular design, our products are characterized by high automation, compact structure, safe environmental protection, stable and reliable operation. Our products has obvious advantages in safety, stability and reliability. At present, the company has a professional mechanical design and electrical design engineer team. In order to maintain technological advantages, the company pays attention to communication and cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes. We have established a good relationship with Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing Printing Institute for collaborative innovation.

  Since Hongjian company put into operation, both production and sales have been thriving. Hongjian products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other foreign countries. The products are CE approved and ISO certified. We have received consistent praise from customers.

  In Hongjian company, we always adhere to the philosophy "to serve customers to accomplish our goals", implement the policy "to stay innovative for the benefit of customers", and strive to build a world famous brand of gravure cylinder making machines.

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