Proofing Machine
proofing machineHJ Gravure Proofing Machine mainly absorbs the advantages of other various advanced proof machines from China and aboard. It is easy to operate and the system is optimized. Based on several years of designing and manufacturing proofing experience, we have improved the proof machine on its appearance, control system operation and so on. The humanization proofing machine for the customer: rotogravure flexible package printing companies, ink manufacture
1. High efficiency: operating module wIth high integration level and more efficient by 20%~30% than the former ones.
proof press2. Exact overprint: the guide rail from Japan NHK ensures the stability and efficiency.
3. Lens of 50 times big ensures the micro-dots are clear and high exact overprinting
4. High transfer rate: the pressure between cylinder and rub bet drum is much improved than before, which makes the micro-dots above 5% can be transferprinted.
5. Automatic pneumatic start positioning

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