Flange Making Lathe
flange lathe machineHJ-CDJ is a new generation of CNC lathe developed for plate-making industry. The machine uses four axis servo control system, the integration of casting lathe bed with rectangular guide way, guarantying the enough strength, stiffness and good shock resistance. The machine structure is compact.

   ●  The spindle drive system adopts frequency control of motor speed, it automatically adjusts spindle speed within the scope of 120-700 r/min according to the diameter of work piece size
   ●  The tailstock adopts simple and reliable air clamper device
   ●  It is high efficiency. One time clamping can finish the processing of the inner hole and outer circle of the workpiece.
   ●  Simple operation and pleasant interface

flange making latheCAPABILITY:
   ●  Workpiece OD: ¢90-320mm
   ●  Workpiere ID: ¢50-100mm
   ●  Workpiece bore pitch: 0-90°
   ●  Workpiece thickness: 60mm
  The Knife largest trip
   ●  The Outside Knife largest trip of horizontal: 160mm
   ●  The Outside Knife largest trip of vertical: 220mm 
   ●  The Inside Knife largest trip of horizontal: 220mm
   ●  The Inside Knife largest trip of vertical: 220mm
  Other parameters of machine
   ●  The top taper of hole ahead the main axis: Mos6#
   ●  Spindle speed range: 120—700r/min
   ●  No level machinery velocity modulation
   ●  The Diameter of the Set tube for the top taper: 70mm
   ●  The largest trip of the Set tube for the top taper: 125mm
   ●  The top taper: Mos5#
  Transmission set
   ●  Main Motor rated power: 12.5KW
   ●  Main Motor speed: 960 r/min
   ●  The transmission ratio Rope Wheel: 2.1:1
  Machine weight and size
   ●  Machine weight: 2800kg
   ●  Machine size: 2000*1800*1600mm
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