Manual Plating Line
manual plating lineHJ General electroplating line is specially designed and manufactured for the gravure cylinder plating, composed of nickel plating machine, copper plating machine, chrome plating machine, washing machine, degreasing machine, and dechroming machine. Single type and production line can be choosed. The machines adopt imported circulating pump, heater, electromagnetic valve, metering pump. Imported program controller is used in the intelligent, automatic program control, electroplating process and combination groove respectively using titanium alloy or high quality engineering plastics is made and be become. Electroplating way can choose half submerged and full immersion, plating solution filtration cycle, automatic temperature control, current conduction and the automatic adjustment mode, version of roller rotation speed and automatically add performance such as to achieve and close to international advanced level.
All the products can be made as per customer's requirements.
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