Engraving Machine
engraving machine
HJ Electronic Engraving Machine is used in the packaging of plastic, paper, room decoration, textiles, wood, cigarette packet, leather.  Its engraving system is controlled by industrial PC, PLC, SBC and the combination of hardware & software. The advantages are simple structure, stable running, and high precision.

   ●  Run steadily and high engraving efficiency with worldwide outstanding and nice parts
electronic engraving   ●  Clear outline and plentiful arrangement
   ●  Window operation system and friendly operation interface
   ●  Low costs of maintenance and simple maintenance and repair
   ●  Load different axis diameter cylinders

Model HJDD-1315 HJDD-2015 HJDD-3015 HJDD-3025
Cylinder length 1300mm 2000mm 3000mm 3000mm
Cylinder diameter 1500mm 1500mm 1500mm 2400mm
Weight 5.2T 6.5T 10T 12T
Dimensions 3800*1000*1500 5100*1320*1600 6300*1320*1600 6300*1320*1650
AlternatingCurrent AC380 AC380 AC380 AC380
Frequency 50HZ 50HZ 50HZ 50HZ

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