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    Q: What is your product range? 
    A: We manufacture quality Rotogravure Cylinder Making Plant machines like:
    - Nickel Plating Machine
    - Copper Plating Machine
    - Chrome Plating Machine
    - Dechroming Machine
    - Degreasing Machine
    - Washing Machine
    - Copper Grinding Machine
    - Copper Polishing Machine
    - Engraving Machine
    - Chrome Polishing Machine
    - Proofing Machine
    We also supply a wide range of consumables for pre-press.
    Q: What is your MOQ, payment term and lead time?
    A: The MOQ for equipment is 1 set.
    Payment Term: 50% advance T/T before production, 50% balance T/T before delivery.
    Lead Time: In general 60 working days for single equipment, 120 working days for a whole production line.
    Q: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
    A: Hollow or shaft cylinder, cylinder length and diameter/circumference range. 
    Q: How do you ship the product?
    A: By sea. By air. By international express.

    Q: What is the warranty period?
    A: For electrical part: 6 months after installation; For mechanical part: 1 year after installation.
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